Global Partnership

Together we can harness knowledge to build prosperity and end poverty1 by rapidly #tagging topical content and creating social capital wikis for local use.

The Convention on Knowledge Commons proposes a concrete low-hurdle approach to enable more inclusive, more effective and more efficient knowledge conversions from the local to the global scale.

These are some partner roles in a Global Partnership for livelihood-centric sustainability discourse:

  • smart media user: on the social platform of your preference you tag content in accordance with the guidelines explained in Inviting the Poor to 102.960 ''larger'' Discussions that matter in a Post-2015 Global Partnership; content tagged by you becomes editable and findable for wikiworx curators, and it will show up in the #hashtag timelines on specific pages of the social capital wiki.
  • smart online advertiser: you use Google Adwords and set low bids for the specific pages on which you want your advertisement to appear. Each impression on a carefully selected page2 is more likely to bring you a potential customer.
  • social capital wiki owner-editor: see Convention on Knowledge Commons.
  • wikiworx independent curator: in your area of interest (one or more of the identified 102.960 areas) you create and maintain spundge note streams that capture tagged posts from various social media platforms - your note streams are embedded in the most suitable Actor Atlas page and/or social capital wiki3 pages.
  • wikiworx independent author: in your area of interest (one or more of the nearly 200000 areas) you author non-fiction ebooks via the leanpub platform (which allows you to earn upto nearly 90% from your sales); you keep your ebook up to date with the tagged content in your area of interest (invite readers to use specific tags); your ebooks are embedded in the most suitable Actor Atlas page and/or social capital wiki pages; For example books, see: #Tag Guidelines

For creating and maintaining the fair glocal partnership in a lean and efficient way Wikinetix relies upon the state-of-the art social media solutions listed in the below table. The training materials from those solutions are recommended.

If you consider to join the Global Partnership in any of the above roles, you are invited to register with the relevant platforms (using referral keys if these are available) and start contributing in accordance with your abilities.

Media Solution Registration Details Use by Value Partners?
Google+ Register at All relationships.
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare, YouTube, … Join at the relevant url. If you consider specific content valuable for the governance or socio-economic development in your country, city or municipality, then tag it so it will catch the attention of specialized curators, authors and advertisers.
Spundge Get your spundge account at Most relevant for (collaborative) content curators and authors
Leanpub Get your leanpub account at Most relevant for authors and publishers of ebooks.
Also relevant for the readers of ebooks that are in-progress or of which post-release updates are planned.
Google Adwords Get your Adwords account at Relevant only for online advertisers.
Take advantage of first use vouchers offered by Google.