Background: The Actor Atlas and the aligned social capital wikis — such as those for the European Union, Morocco (in French), India, Nepal, the Philippines, Tanzania and the United States— and #tag guidelines — see Fair glocal publishing — are encouraging an open inclusive discourse about all functions of government and all economic activities (COFOG and ISIC classes). Google Translate supports navigation in about 80 languages. Structural linking of country specific social capital wikis (e.g. that of Nepal) with the Actor Atlas ensures low-hurdle access to evolving decisional and best practice guidelines for stakeholders engaged in any COFOG or ISIC class activity, from the local and municipal to the national level.

Conversations can be structured by the #tags proposed in the #tag guidelines as explained in the presentation about 102960 Larger Discussions. Next, the resulting role-specific, sector-specific or function-specific guidelines can be synthesized in a co-creative approach. The Wikiworx Academy has the purpose to train such co-creation.

For adopting countries and organisations, the cross-class visualization of dependencies among economic activities and functions of government and the society-wide single-version-of-the-truth feature and open conversation features will yield a greater degree of participation, cohesion, transparency and accountability.

Access to the Actor Atlas and social capital wikis will remain free. Donations to support their further development are accepted and will be acknowledged at the pages requested by the donors.

Country-specific social capital wikis provide a localized and actionable view on the wealth of information systematized in the Actor Atlas, and they provide means to map and develop local social capital.

Soon first-mover on-line training courses will be offered for a reasonable fee. As the course content will be published as a wiki and the delivery will be supported via a private Google+ community, you could already put a first step:

and a second step:

  • Create a free Wikidot account via Wikidot's Create a new account screen, and activate it from the confirmation email. Remember your name (or alias) as you must provide it when applying for membership of any of the wikis owned by Wikinetix.
  • In apply for membership to the development dashboard of the country that interests you.

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