Window on Science, Technology and economy

An enormous amount of quality publications are continuously produced by the science system and by international organisations. Citeulike was a great tool to keep oversight and do something meaningful in the short attention span that we (can) spent with much of the online content and publications.

The content of wiki networks builds in some or another way on much of the work that was listed in citeulike groups. Author and tag clouds supported focused searching.

Ongoing Commitment to Identify and Link External Resources

On a continuous basis, as new publications are tagged with their #tagcoding hashtags, search for the hashtag will help retrieving the content received.

Opportunity for Contributing as a Smallholder

Via #tagcoding, contributing to the improved provision of knowledge is only a few clicks away. Particularly for researchers, #tagcoding offers an easy and efficient way of contributing knowledge to society.
Check the #tagcoding handbook.

Practitioners may find guidance in publications, including those from international agencies such as the World Bank, FAO, UNDP.