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Origins & Context

Wikinetix is a catalyst in the articulation and accumulation of systematized content and its provision, via web-based services and (public) libraries to the sustainable development initiatives of both private and public sector stakeholders [7].

Our goal is a substantial improvement of front line demand drive, capacity and access to evidence and information, while reducing absorptive burden for all (multi-channel communications [1]).

Value Vision: social savings in an evidence-aware, vibrant and sustainable society

A global partnership can achieve substantial social savings [2] and benefits in the knowledge work and information exchanges for sustainable development initiatives [3].

Any actor's thriving potential depends on its access to data, information and knowledge.

For (large) organisations, sectors of industry, and government agencies the knowledge need also includes enterprise (architecture) maturity [4].

The lack of absorptive capacity is one of the main obstacles to both evidence-awareness, technology transfer[5] and cumulative development outcomes.

The efficient and effective addressing of change, be it for household, commercial, non-profit or public-sector actors, must leverage a multi-level perspective [6] in:

The content components

The content service components are listed at the Wikiworx site.

Tutorial support, motivating and explaining the use of web-based content is provided at

Requirements engineering case elaboration proceeds (slowly) with:

Corporate and Public Engagement with Content?

The sustainable maintenance of content commons is a collective responsibility[8]. In the case of the vast content resources, the lack of systematization feeds poor awareness, and under-harvesting in development initiatives. It also feeds wasteful, opportunistic publishing[9], draining those in need of scarce resources as they seek actionable knowledge and content.

The value vision and the initial service architecture are first steps. Both the joint construction of future-proof systematized public content and its deployment in private spheres must progress alongside performing multi-stakeholder initiatives in which both public and private spheres are affected.

Corporate Benefits from Systematized Content

We invite you to explore such benefits on your own, using the DIY tools introduced at Smart media for everyone! and #tag guidelines.

For consulting and training towards a systematic realization of corporate or agency benefits from the usage of systematized and categorized content, contact info[at]wikinetix[dot]com with detailed requests for quotations.

Public Sphere Initiatives and Alliances

Public sector and non-profit actors, volunteers, and "knowledge-economy" philanthropists can send requests and plans in using or contributing to systematized and categorized web-based content by sending email to: info[at]wikinetix[dot]com

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