1. Formerly known as ISSAI 20
  2. Endorsed in 2013
  3. With the establishment of the Intosai Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP), relabeled as INTOSAI-P 20 with editorial changes in 2019

ISSAI P-20 is available in all INTOSAI official languages: Arabic, English,
French, German and Spanish

#issai020 - Introduction

#issai021 - Principle 1: SAIs perform their duties under a legal framework that provides for accountability and transparency
#issai022 - Principle 2: SAIs make public their mandate, responsibilities, mission and strategy
#issai023 - Principle 3: SAIs adopt audit standards, processes and methods that are objective and transparent
#issai024 - Principle 4: SAIs apply high standards of integrity and ethics for staff of all levels
#issai025 - Principle 5: SAIs ensure that accountability & transparency principles are not compromised when they outsource ..
#issai026 - Principle 6. SAIs manage their operations economically, efficiently, effectively & in accordance with laws ...
#issai027 - Principle 7: SAIs report publicly on the results of their audits & conclusions regarding government activities
#issai028 - Principle 8: SAIs communicate timely and widely on their activities and audit results through the media, websites,..
#issai029 - SAIs make use of external and independent advice to enhance the quality and credibility of their work

INTOSAI ref. Principles of Transparency and Accountability(pdf) (ISSAI-P 20).
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