SAIs adopt audit standards, processes and methods that are objective and transparent.

  • SAIs adopt standards and methodologies that comply with ISSAI 100 Fundamental Principles of Public-Sector Auditing.
  • SAIs communicate what those standards and methodologies are and how they comply with them.
  • SAIs communicate the scope of audit activities that they undertake under their mandate, and on the basis of their risk assessment and planning processes.
  • SAIs communicate with the audited entity about the criteria on which they will base their opinions.
  • SAIs keep the audited body informed about their audit objectives, methodology and findings.
  • The SAIs audit findings are subject to procedures of comment and the recommendations to discussions and responses from the audited entity.
  • SAIs have effective follow-up mechanisms and report on their recommendations to ensure that the audited entities properly address their observations and recommendations as well as those made by the Legislature (INTOSAI-P 10 - Mexico Declaration on SAI Independence #issai017 - Principle 7: The existence of effective follow-up mechanisms on SAI recommendations).
  • SAIs’ follow-up procedures allow for the audited entity to provide information on corrective measures taken or why corrective actions were not taken.
  • SAIs should implement an appropriate system of quality assurance over their audit activities and reporting and subject such system to periodic independent assessment.

INTOSAI ref. Principles of Transparency and Accountability(pdf) (ISSAI-P 20).
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