SAIs communicate timely and widely on their activities and audit results through the media, websites and by other means

  • SAIs communicate openly with the media or other interested parties on their operations and audit results and are visible in the public arena.
  • SAIs encourage public and academic interest in their most important conclusions.
  • Abstracts of audit reports and court judgments are available in one of the official INTOSAI languages, in addition to the country languages.
  • SAIs initiate and conduct audits and issue the relevant reports in a timely manner. Transparency and accountability will be enhanced if the audit work and related information provided are not obsolete.
  • SAI reports are available and understandable to the wide public through various means (e.g. summaries, graphics, video presentations, press releases).

INTOSAI ref. Principles of Transparency and Accountability(pdf) (ISSAI-P 20).
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