It is important that each town and language of the world has a librarian (for online content) who supports the town's inhabitants and/or the language's native speakers in finding the information they need to enjoy and improve their livelihood in a sustainable manner.

The task for appointing a librarian for a language is coded by #isic910101xxx with xxx an ISO language code.

  • #isic910101blo: appoint a librarian for Anii spoken by 49,000 native speakers in Benin, Togo
  • #isic910101kub: appoint a librarian for Kuteb spoken by 46,000 native speakers in Nigeria
  • #isic910101mhw: appoint a librarian for Thimbukushu spoken by 45,000 native speakers in Namibia, Angola, Botswana and Zambia
  • #isic910101pkb: appoint a librarian for Pokomo spoken by 95,000 native speakers in Kenya

For the context of this course of action, see: #lib01 - The purpose of a #2030library

The type of this project issue is 21a - Project planning. This course of action, with tasks in each town and for each language that hasn't a librarian yet, offers the context for specific product development tasks in support of the #2030library.