Explanation regarding the various fields used in the stakeholder description is provided in Stakeholder template.

Field name Description
Stakeholder Name Aid organisation
Stakeholder Class Containing business environment
Stakeholder Role When humanitarian crises strike, or development needs have been identified and validated, aid organisations need knowledge about the local conditions and social actors in order to plan and implement their aid activities
Stakeholder Rationale Aid organisations need engagement with, and knowledge about the intended beneficiaries of their activities. A local public library could play a role in fostering such engagement and post-implementation, in maintaining the local knowledge and skill base for sustained outcomes of their interventions.
Classes of knowledge Knowledge about solutions, and their costs and requirements, that could be meaningful for a local community
Hands-On Users: If the stakeholder is a hands-on user of the product, then consider below additional fields
User name/category aid worker
User role consult the local public library, ensure that content about (planned) projects will be retrievable (accessible) to local stakeholders
Subject matter experience master
Technological experience journeyman or master
Other user characteristics aid organisations sometimes have an ambivalent position, they are not for profit, but still they economic resources for survival and sustainability
Priority secondary
User participation
Non-functional requirements
Project Issues