Explanation regarding the various fields used in the stakeholder description is provided in Stakeholder template.

Field name Description
Stakeholder Name National governments
Stakeholder Class Wider business environment
Role Support the development of libraries in the country
Rationale National governments have the central role and responsibility for their own development and for ensuring human rights. They decide on national targets, taxes, policies, plans and regulations that will translate the vision and goals of national development plans into practical reality. They have a role in every sector and at many levels – from negotiating international trade or environmental agreements to creating an enabling environment for business and setting environmental standards at home.
Classes of knowledge Domestic development priorities and constraints, Technical and budget constraints
Hands-On Users This stakeholder is not a hands-on user of the #2030library as such, yet many of its agents will be in roles explained for the other stakeholders.
Non-functional requirements
Project Issues

The extent to which the library-related sustainable development targets (see lib:lib0201) are among the development priorities of a country, will influence the role of libraries in the national development plan.