Explanation regarding the various fields used in the stakeholder description is provided in Stakeholder template.

Field name Description
Stakeholder Name Schools
Stakeholder Class Functional beneficiary
Stakeholder Role Encourage the use of libraries as a key skill
Stakeholder Rationale In communities where no public libraries exist (yet), schools and educational institutions could be a preferential location for a (public) library
Involvement The stakeholder will be involved via a number of school journeys in which a school creates a local library for survey communities that lack suitable library services
Classes of knowledge
Non-functional requirements
Project Issues Type 27 - Ideas for solutions: A library of an institution of higher education in any of 107 developing countries may be eligible for the Access to Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI) program in which 31 publishers provide free access to over 200 journals. If you are the librarian of such a library, you should check its eligibility!