Explanation regarding the various fields used in the stakeholder description is provided in Stakeholder template.

Field name Description
Stakeholder Name Citizen
Stakeholder Class A potential library patron
Stakeholder Role When a citizen isn't a library patron, he or she should be informed of the library's services and their potential role in the person's livelihood and personal development
Stakeholder Rationale We must take into consideration that citizen's potential access to libraries depends on a wide range of factors such as wealth, access to internet, knowledge and availability of library services, literacy, etc.
Involvement The stakeholder will be involved via a number of household journeys that are representative for different resource endowments (wealth, access to the internet or not, living in rural area, …)
Classes of knowledge1 Libraries must be aware of the kind of services that will attract citizens to use the library
Hands-On Users: If the stakeholder is a hands-on user of the product, then consider below additional fields
User name/category library visitor
User role visit the library or its website, but without making use of its services for patrons
Subject matter experience all subject matter experience levels are prevalent: novice, journeyman, and master
Technological experience all technological experience levels are prevalent: novice, journeyman, and master
Other user characteristics a citizen's access to (local) library services depends on a wide range of factors such as mobility, access to internet, distance to the library, literacy, etc.
Priority secondary
User participation The stakeholder will be able to participate to surveys to improve insight in how the registering as a library patron by a citizen (part of a household journey) depends on resource endowments in specific livelihoods
Non-functional requirements
Project Issues