A glossary will include key terms and (references to) their definitions.

It will grow as we elaborate the requirements for the Agenda 2030 Online Library.

If suitable definitions are available online, we will refer to them, rather then repeat them here.

Term Meaning
collection development policy A collection development policy provides guidance to library staff when selecting and deselecting (printed and electronic) resources for the local collection. It serves as a guideline for each stage of materials handling. [1]
e-resource those materials that require computer access, whether through a personal computer, mainframe, or handheld mobile device. They may either be accessed remotely via the Internet or locally[2]

1. Dora Biblarz with Marie-Joelle Tarin, Jim Vickery & Trix Bakker (2001) Guidelines for a Collection Development Policy using the Conspectus Model IFLA Standard, available in six languages.
2. Sharon Johnson, with Ole Gunnar Evensen, Julia Gelfand, Glenda Lammers, Lynn Sipe & Nadia Zilper: Key Issues for E-Resource Collection Development: A Guide for Libraries. IFLA Standard, available in twelve languages.