Aid organisation

When humanitarian crises strike, or development needs have been identified and validated, aid organisations need knowledge about the local conditions and social actors in order to plan and implement their aid activities.

Aid organisations need engagement with, and knowledge about the intended beneficiaries of their activities. A local public library as well as online Voluntary Stakeholder Reports (#2030VSR) could play a role in fostering such engagement and post-implementation, in maintaining the local knowledge and skill base for sustained outcomes of their interventions.

Ensure that content about projects is also available in the language of the communities served.

See Guide for the common types of non-functional requirements.

#lib11 - Non-functional requirements (NFR) and #unds11 - Non-functional requirements (NFR) list non-functional requirements that are common to multiple stakeholders of service initiatives.

By using #tagcoding tools and #tag2wiki aid organisations can substantially improve their communications both with the intended beneficiaries, local and national sector stakeholders, and philanthropic donors.

See Guide for common types of project issues.

#lib12 - Project Issues and #unds12 - Project issues list project issues of service initiatives that are shared among multiple stakeholders.