A cross-initiative Stakeholder template.

Global partnership

The provision of "knowledge" as a global public good in the area of any public sector initiative.
The provision of knowledge to vulnerable populations, and businesses.

In #2030library: The Global Society should ensure that all "public content" can indeed be found and accessed by as many people as possible. The International Federation of Library Associations has done a lot of advocacy regarding Libraries, Development and the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The figure below has been influenced by some of that work. It is concluded that libraries are potent enablers for achieving a large number of the sustainable development targets.

In the below model we use ArchiMate 3 model elements and mutual relationships as explained in the work system or facility pattern.

The rationale for global society's interest in libraries enabling role for implementing the #SDGs.

#NFR11b - Personalization & internationalization: ensure the availability of content in as many languages as possible.
#NFR12f - Capacity

See Guide for the common types of non-functional requirements.

#lib11 - Non-functional requirements (NFR) and #unds11 - Non-functional requirements (NFR) list non-functional requirements that are common to multiple stakeholders of service initiatives.

The general project issues will be developed as more initiatives are considered.

See Guide for common types of project issues.

#lib12 - Project Issues and #unds12 - Project issues list project issues of service initiatives that are shared among multiple stakeholders.

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