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Here the table of contents of the requirements analysis for the Agenda 2030 online library:


Methods and tools for requirements analysis

This requirements analysis is presented as an illustration of the ideas and structures elaborated in the Volère Template. Where our presentation deviates substantially from that template, we will provide justification for doing so. The absence of justification does not mean that we literally follow the template, it only implies that the explanation provided by the authors of the Volère Template forms a sound basis for understanding the intended meanings for a chapter or section.

In the presentation we will rely heavily upon the visual representation of the elements as captured in a library enterprise architecture. The library enterprise architecture is represented using the Archimate framework as supported by the Archi open source tool1. We use a number of specific model patterns.

Finally, the rigor that we pursue in our presentation is only possible because we can rely upon a whole lot of prior work. We will often reference smart "public" content (the Wikiworx components) that support efficient and effective collaborative planning.

During the coming months the (Archi) architecture models that underly the views used in this case study will be made available via LeanPub, an online e-publishing platform.

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