In a Collaborative Planning Methodology after having Identified and validated what needs to be achieved, there is a Research & Leverage phase to identify external organizations and service providers that may have already met, or are currently facing needs similar to the ones identified in the current project.

Ready-Made Products, Reusable Components and Products that can be copied may result from the consultation of both internal and external service catalogues for pre-existing services that are relevant to the current needs.

In some instances, an entire business model, policy, technology solution, or service may be reusable to address the needs defined in Identify and validate.

Below lists will be completed during a Research & Leverage phase.

#unds19a Ready-Made Products

#unds19b Reusable Components

#unds19c Products that can be copied


Other sub-sections under #unds12 - Project issues

This page is part of the requirements for a United Nations Development System for delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (#2030UNDS).

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