• #tagcoding means that one uses standardized hashtags to relate online information to specific topics in order to structure it and retrieve it easily;
  • #tag2wiki is about creating, maintaining, and coordinating wikis for development communications;
  • #pdf2wiki is about transforming the content of important pdf documents into information-centric wikis;
  • #lean2book is about authoring and publishing e-books that leverage #tagcoding and #tag2wiki wikis.

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… is a social media skill that everyone can learn in a few minutes.

Discover which hashtags are related to the topics that interest you via these #tagcoding tools or via your country's #tagcoding guideline:

Select a continent's tab to localize a country's #tagcoding guideline


… is a collaborative way to create community, company and personal wikis for development communications. Discover it here: #tag2wiki teams.


Check #pdf2wiki for wiki editing tasks that are open to volunteers. Participating in a #pdf2wiki volunteer project is an easy way to learn about creating and editing wikis; and to appreciate the benefits of transforming content into information-centric wikis.


Check Fair Glocal Publishing for a way of authoring and publishing e-books (and books) that is feasible all over the world, in many languages and scripts, that is beneficial for authors, and that leverages the evolving internet and social media.

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